A Son Burns the Effigy of his Missing Father

2A 52-year old trader took a bold act today, venting out his frustration for his missing father. Barasat Bhola Nath Saha, along with his friends, carried an effigy on Tuesday on the way to performing a demonstration. However, this particular demonstration wasn’t a regular political rally, and that’s what might have shocked the onlookers.

You didn’t have to look closely at the protestors to see that there was no slogan shouting of any kind, and no other events by political parties were being held to accompany the normal effigy burning. All those parts were missing because this was a different type of effigy burning altogether.

For Barasat Bhola Nath Saha, this effigy was the only remaining physical object of his father, Rajaballabh Saha. Rajaballabh Saha has been missing for the last three decades, without a trace or clue to his whereabouts. Naturally, his son has given hope in finding him, thinking him to be long gone. The effigy burning was more of a send-off to his father more than anything else.

As he was heading to the Kajipara crematorium, Saha was crying, but did say a few words: “Forgive me, I was helpless,” Saha said.

One of the other people involved in the act was Rita Saha, Rjaballabh’s daughter. She added to her father’s words: “After a long wait of thirty years, we decided to observe all the rituals performed in a Hindu family following the death of a member. So, we consulted our pundit and decided to perform all the rituals from cremation to shradh ceremony.”