Effigy of Pakistan President Burned Down

Another effigy burning took place this past Saturday to protest another devious act that shouldn’t have been so lethal. Workers of Madhya Pradesh Congress Minority Department burned an effigy of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari. This act of burning the effigy of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari was done to protest what the activists thought to be an unlawful killing of two Indian soldiers by the troops of a neighboring country.

After the burning of the effigy in MP Nagar, MP Congress Minority Department Coordinator Arif Masood called for a gathering. Masood expressed to the activists and onlookers that the Pakistan army had committed a crime that could not be put up with, horribly killing the Jawans, Sudhakar Singh and Hemraj, across the Loc.

“We are proud of our Jawans who laid down their lives for the country and its people,” said MP Congress Minority Department Coordinator Arif Masood at the gathering after the burning of the effigy.

Masood continued with his venting of the heinous acts that were committed, saying that the future generations will not go without hearing about this sacrifice; the brutal act will be remembered and never forgotten.

In addition, Masood had demanded from the Centre to take bold action against Pakistan for the crimes they have committed. He expressed that the Pakistan always talks of peace; however, they commit brutal crimes on the border. Masood believes that Pakistan should not go unpunished any longer, and that their people should adhere to their talks of peace instead of contradict it.