Effigy of President of Honduras Burnt for the New Year

There were several dolls, serving as effigies, burned before the end of 2012, one of them depicting the President of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo in the country’s capital of Tegucigalpa. In the area, this was no surprise to anyone, as the annual act has been going on for quite some time.

The destroying of dolls serving as effigies that represent the country’s political leaders has been a tradition in Honduras for the past two decades, and this year was no different. Otoniel Martinez, a local carpet weaver, carefully crafted the dolls to look like their counter parts.

Martinez has made the effigies of President Lobo, as well as the speaker of parliament, the former Minister of Finance and the Honduran people, the person who allowed them to come into power. The last of the effigies was crowned with the name “Juan Pueblo, meaning “Juan of the People.”

The burning of these effigies was a very passionate demonstration, as Martinez explains the meaning of the act: “We shall burn this effigy in the hopes that the people will cease to tolerate a slack government, and learn to vote for pertinent suggestions, rather than for beautiful eyes.”

This tradition of burning effigies before the New Year comes upon us is linked to the hopes of leaving behind all the negativity of the year that we’re leaving behind. The act symbolizes entering the New Year with a fresh start where anything is possible. This tradition has had political connections since the start of the 90s.