Effigy of Watermelon Holding President Obama

Effigies are everywhere, and more often than not they’re used to ridicule a public figure, even if they’re initially meant to be a symbol of praise. One of the effigies that has caught attention recently for its controversy is one of President Barack Obama.

A Kentucky man made an effigy of President Obama: a mannequin wearing a President Obama mask holding a watermelon. The Kentucky man claims that the First Amendment of the United States of America defends the spectacle that has been offensive to many people.

Kentucky man Danny Hafley of Casey County told news reporters that he believes he has the right to freedom of speech. “I don’t know how other people will take it.”

Hafley made matters worse, and put more targets on his back by making an equally controversial statement about placing the watermelon in the mannequin’s hands. He claimed that his “buddy” might get hungry just standing out there to explain the watermelon. The spectacle is definitely racially controversial, and Hafley isn’t making any new friends by his comments.

Hafley claims that there have been many onlookers that have stopped to take a picture with the effigy.

Hafley proclaims that he’d be rich if he charged money for all the people taking pictures with his creation.

This display was put up during Election Day, and it hasn’t been taken down since. Hafley says that he doesn’t have any plans of taking it down any time soon.