Effigy Turtles on the Mississippi Shores

There’s an odd experiment going on in the Mississippi Sound. Actually, it’s only odd if you don’t know what the experiment is. There will be tires floating around in the Mississippi Sound for the next few months, and although that may not sound odd, know that they will be turtle shaped tires; however, there’s a reasonable explanation for it.

There was a report from the Sun Herald about theses “effigy turtles,” explaining the weird looking experiment going on in Mississippi. These “effigy turtles” will be released in the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to the Mississippi Sound to see where they end up.

The “effigy turtles” have a distinct look to them: a body made of lawn mower tire, a Nerf football in place of a head, and flippers made out of foam rubber mats. These tire turtles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, as well as contact information with instructions on what to do if you run into one.

The point of the experiment, according to the researchers interviewed, are to see if dead turtles that were found on the Mississippi shores in the past few years actually died in the Mississippi shores. These turtle effigies will provide researches the appropriate information to determine whether the turtles died there or not. This will help the researchers delve further into the situation to see what causes the deaths of the turtles in the Mississippi shores if they do indeed die there rather than just wash up on the Mississippi shores.