Prime Minister Baburam Bhattari’s Effigy Burned Down

A one Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal cadres had burned the effigy of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattari. The reason that Rastriya Party-Nepal cadres had burned the effigy of Prime Minister Baburam is for the Prime Minister’s attempts protect the murderers of a journalist named Dekendra Thapa; however, the protest was for an alleged attempt, as no solid evidence has been found yet.

After the protestors held a demonstration, they took it a step further with the bold action of burning Prime Minster Baburam Bhattari’s effigy that stands in front of the Biratnagar Customs Office. This act further riled up the protestors, but nothing deadly resulted from it.

There was a member of the RPP-N that was interviewed about the event, named Dinesh Sah. Sah had stated, “PM Bhattarai has lost the moral right to stay in power on the face of his attempts to shield criminals. This is our symbolic protest against him. We will launch stern protest programs soon.”

Sah and others have mentioned more protests and actions to come in the future. RPP-N Vice-general secretary Prahlad Sah also added to the promise of future action to be taken, as she mentioned the protests and demonstrations will continue until Prime Minister Baburam Bhattari leaves his seat and resigns, and admits to attempting to protect criminals. During the rally, police intervened with only minor resistance from the protestors. What the protestors have in store next time is unknown, and the police will take extra precautions to make sure things do not get out of hand.