Protestors Incinerate Effigy of the Pakistan Government

Protestors made some bold movies to highlight the killings of two army personnel. The two army personnel were killed by Pakistani Rangers; however, that is just the beginning of what triggered the commotion. After the two army personnel were killed, one of their bodies was brutalized by the Pakistani Rangers: the last straw that led to a bold demonstration by some activists.

The protestors from Bharatiya Yuva Morcha burned the effigy of the Pakistan government in the Bacheli main market to express their hate for the act that was committed. The same activists also staged an effective demonstration, as they raised anti-Pakistan slogans to further protest the heinous act that occurred.

In addition to the protestors’ actions, the Morcha members asked the Union Government to provide a suitable reply to the Pakistan Government, concerning the intolerable act that the Pakistani Rangers had committed. There has been no reply as of now by the Union Government.

The protestors were made up of various ranks, such as Bharatiya Yuva Morcha Mandal General Secretary Amlendu Chakrabart, Mandal President Dhan Singh Nag, Vice president K Prasad, and District Secretary Ajesh Kumar.

Additional participants in the protest against the Pakistan government:  Jay Prakash Gupta, Sonu Gunjam, Rahul Malekar, Rajesh Mhullkar, sammer Majumdar, Ashish Shende, Dilwar, Avinash Vishwas, BJP Mandal president mahendra Adhikar, and General Secretary Vijay Patel.

These are just several of the participants in the protest that included the burning of the effigy of the Pakistan government held at the Bacheli main market in retaliation for the killings of two army personnel.